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27 Geranium Avenue East
St. Paul


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St. Paul Music Academy uses The UFLI Foundations Curriculum, which is an explicit systematic phonics program. Our goal is to build a strong foundation for future readers, using a scientifically-based  curriculum.

Our day starts with a literacy block with phonics, writing, reading, and sharing. We have active learning where students are engaged in many choice activities. This is a time to practice social and emotional skills. We have a school counselor who teaches lessons weekly that increase social and emotional growth.

Every day we have a math block that is grounded in talking, thinking, and explaining. Students have many opportunities throughout the day to practice talking with peers. Our new math curriculum is HMH math. This is our first year implementing it in all K-12 classrooms. It holds a powerful small group lesson to address all the mathematical needs of each student: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Our math block also includes an active learning time where students can practice math skills. 

Our kindergarten students will have direct social study lessons twice a week. Our other learning opportunities include gym, music, and science.


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