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Music Department

Welcome to General Music!

Music is an integral part of the educational experience at St. Paul Music Academy!

Students experience a wealth of instruction, ranging from choir to keyboards, drumming to dancing. Every other week students receive a daily 50 minute music class.

  • Kindergarteners through 2nd graders learn to play keyboards and violin with Mrs. Smith, and study General Music with Mr. Anderson.
  • 3rd-5th graders continue with keyboards and General Music, and they have the opportunity to join performing groups such as Orchestra(Ms. Leek), Wind Ensemble (Ms. Leek), Guitars (Mr. Anderson), Bucket Drumming (Mr. Anderson) or Choir (Mrs. Smith).

There's something for everyone here in the Music Department!  We learn how to read, write and perform music.  We often have special guest performers, such as the Rose Ensemble.

Come enjoy one of our daytime or evening performances. . . .or just stop by to sing and dance with us!

Mr. Tyler Anderson

Ms. Mariah Smith

Ms. Susie Leek